Welcome to PEDSSA Hockey 

Hockey is currently in decline in the PEDSSA schools. In previous years we have had up to 8 schools competing regularly in league fixtures (held normally on Wednesdays) at local school Astros. However, due to time and travel constraints many schools were finding it increasingly hard to fulfill these fixture requirements. There are a list of schools below that have traditionally played hockey.

 We are looking to hold a year 7/8 festival in March as part of the SCHOOL GAMES. please contact Katrina Cole


 Competitions run by Steve Yeo. Please contact him to find out if similar competitions will be run this year.

Steve Yeo

Gillingham School

Arranging Events

I have listed below the schools that play or played hockey regularly and may be interested in making fixtures, so please contact any of the schools below to arrange Hockey events.


 School  Age Range  Girls/Boys or Both  Contact   Astro?
 QE Year 9-13  Both  Yes
 Poole Grammar Year 8-13  Boys  No
 Parkstone Grammar Year 8-13  Girls  No
 Purbeck  Year 9-13  Both  Yes 
Magn Academy  /Ashdown  Year 8-13   Both  Yes
 Lytchett Year 7-13  Girls 3/4 size 
Allenbourn Year 5-8 Girls/Boys/Mixed No


Hockey Tournaments

There are also two 7-side hockey tournaments for girls. These are normally early in the Spring Term and are for Year 7 and Year 8. 

Tournament Organiser: Katrina Cole or Sandy Darragh