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This will take place on the following dates:
Thursday 19th September Canford School 3.45 p.m.
Thursday 10th October Sandbanks 3.45 p.m. Sandbanks info 2019 (1)
Thursday 7th November Baiter Park 2.30 p.m.
Thursday 5th December Ferndown Upper Sch. 2.30 p.m. FERNDOWN INFORMATION



Minor Boys League Champion N. Swift / Cranborne Middle

Second S. Berry / Allenbourn Middle

Team Winners Allenbourn Middle


Minor Girls League Champion I. Garavini / Talbot Heath

Second C. O’Brien / St. Ives

Minor Girls Team Winners Talbot Heath


Year 7 Boys League Champion H. Farley / Poole High

Second T. Butt / St. Michael’s Middle

Year 7 Boys Team Winners Poole Grammar


Year 7 Girls League Champion N. Taylor / Talbot Heath

Second E. Dawson / Parkstone Grammar

Year 7 Girls Team Winners Parkstone Grammar


Junior Boys League Champion W. Rabjohns / Queen Elizabeth’s

Second A. Jones / Poole Grammar

Junior Boys Team Winners Poole Grammar

Junior Girls League Champion L. Brown / Talbot Heath
Second E. Wells / Talbot Heath
Junior Girls Team Winners Talbot Heath

Inter Boys League Champion R. Symington / Ferndown

Second T. Jackson / Queen Elizabeth’s
Inter Boys Team Winners Queen Elizabeth’s

Inter Girls League Champion I. Rabjohns / Parkstone Grammar

Second I. Jones / Parkstone Grammar
Inter Girls Team Winners Parkstone Grammar


Senior Boys League Champion C. Bird / Canford

Second B. Martin / Poole Grammar

Senior Boys Team Winners Canford

Senior Girls League Champion L. Thomas / Canford

Senior Girls Team Winners Canford

A total of 840 athletes took part in this year’s races, with 368 taking part in three or more races. An increase of 52 participants on last year.

The scoring is based on the best 3 positions for both teams and individuals. Where there is a tie then all 4 races are counted to determine the order, or occasionally the tie stands. A runner who took part in four races will beat a runner who took part in three, in the event of a tie.



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