X COUNTRY – Ferndown Upper School Thursday 5th December

Times of races: Year 5/6 Boys 2.30, Year 5/6 girls 2.40. Other races will follow in quick succession. Races should be over by 3.40. Please be prompt.

Course:. All races will complete one small lap and one big lap except for the Year 10, 11, 12 & 13 (Intermediate and Senior) boys who will complete one small and two big laps. Distances are a little longer than in previous league races.

Parking: please follow the signs to the tennis courts for minibus parking.

Changing: please come changed.

Toilets: these are available in the sports hall.

First Aid: please bring first aid provision for your school.

Finish: All runners will be given a finishing ticket. Team managers will be responsible for recording the names of all their runners on team envelopes which must be collected on arrival and handed in before departure. The team envelopes will be in a blue box folder by the finish line. The completed envelopes, with tickets sealed inside, are to be ‘posted’ in the wooden box also by the finish line.